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Wednesday April 15, 2020

by Curran


{Editors Note}:  Hi my name is Nathaniel Baird, I am the Operations Director and Visionary here at Shotwamp and Editor in Chief of our in house publications. I couldn’t be more excited to be presenting to you some of the brands and their incredible founders and designers under the Shotwamp umbrella in the coming days and weeks. Along with the debut of each brand I will be holding an interview with each of our creatives on the subsequent day after their debut. 


This afternoon I’m going to be digitally sitting down with Curran Ochwat of the brand Omniscient. 


Nathaniel: Hey Curran, really glad to have you here chatting with me. The stuff that you have and make is really unique and interesting, with brands like this I’m always so interested as to what or who motivated you to create clothes like this, who were some of your inspirations behind your work at Omniscient?


Curran: I would say I’ve been into clothing since the beginning of highschool. Around that time, I was into skating and its culture. The lifestyle is what appealed to me and I saw clothing as a way to fit in and express myself non verbally. The skater style has definitely inspired many of my pieces. A few notable people that I look up to in this fashion shit are Ian Connor, A$AP Rocky, and Nigo.


N: I totally understand that draw to clothing and I think that most of us here probably love that about it,it's a great way to express yourself. Now a lot of people love clothes and the culture around it but not as many go as far as creating their own brand, what pushed you to do this? 


C: I'm a creative person by nature. This creativity has stuck with me throughout my life and the idea of owning a brand seemed like a great way to get my ideas out into the world. The thought of being able to make whatever I wanted without having to work for anyone motivated me. I hated seeing people spend stupid amounts of money on clothing. Everyone should be able to get fly without spending a fortune. 

N: I love that last part, that was a huge part of why I was a fan of Shotwamp and the main thought I had when I came up with the slogan here at Shotwamp, to "put the humanity back in fashion".


Were there any individuals or brands that helped inspire you to launch Omniscient?


C: I have to pay my respect to brands like Raf Simons, Rick Owens, and Margiela. The consistency and quality of their collections have made them iconic. They have managed to stay relevant over a long period of time which is what I would like to do with Omniscient.


N: No of course, those are all titans of the industry, something that I hope everyone tries to aspire towards. How do you think you’ll be able to accomplish this with Omniscient?


N: I love that concept of reimagining things, to take something familiar and put your own twist on it is such a useful skill. Will there be a main theme throughout this collection you think or do you expect it to be free flow in terms of the pieces you release? 


C: My next collection will be all about reconstruction. I can tell you now the theme of the collection will be recycling/vintage. 


N: That's great, what was the inspiration behind that choice? 


C: The desire to give garments a second life with old and new accessories to update it, to reconstruct it, to make a clean break from previous associations. I think now more than ever we need to be more conservative with our resources, especially in the fashion industry. 


N: I love that so much. Its been a pleasure sitting down with you Curran, is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap up here?


C: Thank you for this opportunity to share my vision with the people. Shoutout to Shotwamp! I look forward to seeing how you grow as a fashion collective. Be sure to checkout my website to see my most recent collection!


C: The key to becoming successful in anything is practice. The same applies to my brand. The more I design, experiment with new mediums, and create the better I'll be. One thing I've found is you have to believe in yourself before you truly believe in yourself. If you have self doubt you have to eliminate it and keep pushing towards your goals. It's all about commitment and how bad you want it!


N: Completely, I like the self belief. It's so scary to put your stuff out into the world! It's a little piece of you that you really poured yourself into and if people don’t like it, it can sting sometimes for sure. What have you been able to do to stay true to yourself and believe in what you're creating? 


C: You have to stop looking at life as a race. Success doesn’t have an age or time limit and you can reach it whenever. I find the longer I spend making a piece, the more I value it and the more impactful it is. 


N: That is something so huge that I am now just starting to realize. Cool things are cool regardless of their maker and that was something that I didn’t understand for such a long time as a young creative that really held me back. You spoke about putting more time into pieces and gaining more value from that, what kind of pieces can we expect from you in the future? 


C: You can expect tees, hoodies, pants, jackets, etc. I'll be taking the essentials from everyone's wardrobes and reimagining them. Omniscient is a lifestyle brand meaning I'm not only going to be making clothing. I'll be branching out to make some cool accessories along with footwear. Who knows maybe one day there will be an Omniscient-mobile. 

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