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Sunday, April 19 2020

by  David


{Editors Note}:  Hi my name is Nathaniel Baird, I am the Technical Director and Visionary here at Shotwamp and the Editor in Chief of our in house publications. I couldn’t be more excited to be presenting to you some of the brands and their incredible founders and designers under the Shotwamp umbrella in the coming days and weeks. Along with the debut of each brand I will be holding an interview with each of our creatives on the subsequent day after their debut. 


This afternoon I’m going to be digitally sitting down with David Wright, the founder and creator of RAEGE USA. 


Nathaniel: David! Really happy to have you here at Shotwamp, I love the stuff that you’ve been making. While the vast majority of the brands that we have here are still in their relative infancy, I think that each and every brand has pieces and aspects that make me wonder why they haven’t blown up yet and yours is no exception at all. The butterfly raege graphic and the split tone bandanas that you have each blew me away. 


David: Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of something so awesome and giving me time to share about RÆGE. I am truly honored! I’ve also never been interviewed before so I’m pretty excited. But I agree with you Nathaniel. When I was looking at everyone that’s a part of this, I was taken back to how interesting everyone’s work and pieces were, which helped me see that these people have potential, and it was so amazing to see. And thank you I appreciate that you've taken the time to look at what I’ve created so far, and shared your thoughts on it(: . What would you like to know?  

N: Yeah of course, why don't you start with talking about what made you want to start Raege and what the main message behind it all is.

D: I’ve been a skater for practically my whole life, so from a young age I’ve been exposed to and grew up around different things and found where I belong in a different culture. From a young age the idea of starting my own skate company was always cool to me, so I would always create a bunch of random terrible names to call it. But it wasn’t until seventh and eighth grade that I had really discovered what “fashion” was. Freshman year I started thinking about a career and taking it more serious than ever. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2019 that the name RÆGE  had popped into my head and decided to run with it instead of any other previous names. To be honest with you, it’s kind of difficult for me to really describe the message behind it other than the typical “for the youth” stuff. It just felt right. But I can tell you that I’ve always felt anger is one of the most pure emotions that everyone feels. So I guess the message is to always stay true to yourself and be the purest you can. I also really enjoy mosh pits quite a bit.


N: That's great, it's hard to find something that sticks or something that you like enough to pour a lot of time into it and of course that all starts with the name. That ‘clicking’ that you felt is so huge and so important. 


Now obviously the main event going on in the world has thrown a pretty massive wrench in almost everyone's plans right now, with that being said what are you looking to do at RÆGE  in the not so distant future? 

D: I plan on working on pieces and ideas as much as possible. I actually just finished another pair of pants today. I was supposed to drop my second line of hoodies, but obviously this Covid-19 is gumming everything up. So I just plan on doing whatever I can to improve and make sure I’m doing whatever I have to do in order to achieve my goals in the bogus setting we are in.


N: No it is such a massive monkey wrench in everything, thankfully we’re all in good health and while there will surely be much worse repercussions to this thing than not being able to put out clothes, it still sucks nonetheless. So long term, what do you want to do with the brand and what do you want to see it become?


D: Not only do I want to be able to call myself a Designer with a capital D, I want to have a skate team. I want to design furniture. It would be so sick to hold music events for different artists. I want to have so much under RÆGE  it's hard for me to really say it all. Obviously collaborations, which I have had before with USKi, but not released to the public. I want to see it become what I hope for it to become, but greater, if that makes sense. I want it to be looked up to by whoever wants to look up to it for inspiration and admiration, just like how I see my daily inspirations. I want to be able to give people unreleased pieces and have the whole media freak out about how it’s unreleased and everything and who’s wearing it. 


N: All of those are great aspirations for sure. That's the dream without a doubt, it's the leap from a brand to an institution which is so hard but so cool. What kind of things are you working on to help Raege get there one day? 


D: As of now I’m constantly working towards my goals basically everyday. This means designing and new pieces and just creating as much as I can. I also try to look for any connections  and am fairly active on social media and other things to not only build up RÆGE, but myself as well.

sho posters.png

N: Of course, all of that stuff is so huge in terms of building up a brand nowadays. Its great to be working on that so soon, it's so important. Using social media can really help transform a brand into something more resembling a movement which used to be so hard but nowadays is more commonplace due to platforms like instagram which I guess is both good or bad. Now speaking of movements, is there anyone in the industry that you particularly look up to or maybe try to mirror while working on Raege? 


D: I stay away from copying off of who I look up to, but I definitely look up to many people. I get inspiration from Tomoaki Nagao AKA Nigo, and think Mikey Alfred, Scott Mescudi, A$AP Nast, Virgil are cool people. But what I feel is most important is the inspiration I get from the people who are in my life and I’m close with because they actually know who I am.


N: No it's certainly a pretty fine line from inspiration and copying but its still so important to have those people to look up to and gain inspiration from. I’ve really enjoyed getting to sit down with you David, now is there anything else that you would like to say before we wrap up here?


D: Shoutout to everyone that’s a part of this amazing collective named SHOTWAMP and thank you for allowing me to be a part. You may not know me now, but just wait.


N: Excellent, thank you David. Excited to see where you go with Raege. 

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