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Saturday March 28th, 2020

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by Gabriella

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{Editors Note}:  Hi my name is Nathaniel Baird, I am the Technical Director and Visionary here at Shotwamp and the Editor in Chief of our in house publications. I couldn’t be more excited to be presenting to you some of the brands and their incredible founders and designers under the Shotwamp umbrella in the coming days and weeks. Along with the debut of each brand, I will be holding an interview with each of our creatives on the subsequent day after their debut. 


Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Gabriella Violet, the founder and lead designer at USKi STUDiOS

Nathaniel: Couldn’t be happier to have you here Gabriella, when Archie showed me your

clothes @ USKi I was blown away. Can’t wait to see what you continue to put out and what

you're able to bring to the table here at Shotwamp. 


Gabriella: haiii thank you boo💕im excited 4 all of u 2 see as well! u 2 sweet. dis is so dope

and can’t wait 2 see where dis goes. its amazing 2 see creative minds from all over da US

coming together and collaborating 2 only bring each other up.

N: Yes of course, we have a lot of really exciting things going on right now and it's so cool that the main purpose isn't really self serving. What was your introduction to Shotwamp like and what were your first thoughts as to what the collective could mean to you and your brand? 

G:  instantly i was extremely flattered that i was chosen to be apart of the collective. in an industry that is primarily individual, i thought that creating a group of people that all have the same dreams but different ways of executing them was genius. i believe that any publicity is gr8 publicity so the fact that this will bring me and my other fellow creatives more exposure makes me even more excited 2 see what’s 2 come💖

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N: I couldn't agree more, this is a really great opportunity for more exposure for all of the brands here under the Shotwamp umbrella. What brands under the label thus far are you most excited to get to work with in the not so far future? 


G: Well all of them are very unique which excites me because that means with all of them I could create something very different! I love slugman666 💕 just insane. RÆGE is one that I have worked wit! we jus never released anything kinda kept it 2 ourselves. We have different aesthetics but when we come together it’s cohesive. Overall I can see myself making something dope with everyone at shotwamp.

N: Totally, I love your first part of what you said. We have so many unique brands here and that really is so cool. Now lets talk more about your brands USKi, whats the story of the brand and how did it all come about? 


G: uski ?? uski !! 

this word is pronounced (ooo-skiii<3) and stands 4 unique style kills eyes. its spelled with the pronoun i and is used to indicate the personal effects fashion can have on me and the effects my brand can have for those who wear it. i want everyone who wears an uski piece 2 feel confident because there is no better feeling than knowing you look fly! ultimately, uski is my own interpretation of the LA streetwear scene ensuring all the pieces are timeless but ahead of their time. throughout the past 3 years i have learned how to hand draft patterns, sew garments, and ultimately found who i was a designer making sure my projects were different than anything i have seen b4. this is my mind, my ideas, and my messages, portrayed through the art of fashion. be bold and be different because life is too short to blend in with everyone else.

N: I love the message and think that it's one that many people beyond myself can resonate a lot with. Were there any people or events who inspired you to start USKi? 


G: i always loved clothes but i always loved wearing clothes that no one had. standing out is something that i have always done naturally but it became different when it was because of what i was wearing. i took the attention i was getting for my outfits and turned that into motivation to start creating bold pieces for other people to wear. BUT seeing the people wear the things i create whether it’s a uski hoodie or pair of custom pants is a feeling that never gets old. it reassures me constantly that this is what i was born 2 do! they say you found what you were meant to do when it doesn’t feel like work. designing and making my visions come to life is something that i do willingly.

uski pants.png

N: That's so cool, I could totally see how that could be almost addicting. Were there any designers, brands or people in your life that you keep in mind when you're designing? 


G: when i design i don’t think of anyone or anything except for what’s flowing in my head at the moment. i could be anywhere and get a random idea that stays wit me until i sketch it out in my book. its a cool feeling especially when i see those sketches come 2 life. however Jean Paul Gualtier is my all time favorite designer. i don’t read and i have literally read all of the books about him and his journey as a designer. his ideologies on the art of fashion are the closest to mine making him the easiest to relate 2 as an artist. JPG 4L💕

N: I love that it is so cool to have that person that you can really get into and take bits and pieces of their approach from. Obviously a big reason for Shotwamp's existence is helping to lift up this next generation of great designers. If you were to give someone advice who was looking to start designing like you, what would you tell them? 

G: don’t follow what’s trending right now, or in other words what’s safe. there was a time where fashion wasn’t safe and now it’s dead because it is. in our generation a lot of the time it's people recycling the same styles over and over again because they know it works. to me that's not being a designer that’s knowing your audience. Sooo  if you want to truly start designing… just make what YOU like not what OTHERS do! trust me your originality will be far more respected than those who just copy and keep the cycle going💕 


N: I love that, I think it all ultimately goes back to the fact that no one ever made anything truly transcendent that was viewed as safe at the time. I love your advice for that reason. Thanks so much for sitting down with me Gabriella, anything else you’d like to say before you head out?

Gabriella: THANKU 4 HAVING ME LUV!! conversations like dis is what changes da future💕 also go check out uskiii!!🤓

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