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Tuesday, June 30 2020



Archie: When did you first realize you were into fashion? Has it been something that has taken your interest your whole life, or instead a recent development for you?


Virtue: Art as a whole was introduced to me for as long as I can remember, it’s my fuel for life!


A: A lot of people will give excuses on why they don’t create. I personally find it to be very scary to put yourself in the vulnerable situation of showing others your art, but it seems like you have the innate ability to produce music and clothing selflessly, and without boundaries. What’s your secret?


V: It’s like a muscle! It starts by you with your entire mind and body agreeing with itself and making the first move! It starts weak and you will be discouraged, but the more you work it out, the stronger it gets! Simply put, that’s what works for me and maybe the next person.

A: Who would say has inspired you to endeavor into the world of fashion?


V: It wasn’t necessarily a specific person or brand that imprinted me in that sense, it was more so the fact that I wanted things that didn’t exist, it turned into that. 


A: Have you set any milestones for yourself? In other words, at what point in your life do you think you will feel like you have succeeded?


V: hm, personally everything in my world changes so quickly, ideas of milestones from minutes ago fade to new ones the next. Sometimes it’s also toxic to me to swell the idea of “success “ because I’m not truly sure what it means to be successful, I digress but words hold weird weight to me- I like to just stay diligent and let the work speak for that, whichever way it goes. I don’t mean to do a run around but maybe when I feel as if I’m properly learning, inspiring and making a change...that must be a part of that I can say at least zzz

A: I understand that you are also an extremely adept musician, and have been for a while. Would you say that your artistic direction with music and fashion are interlinked, or separate?


V: Interlinked. 


They live in each other and with each other, they learn from each other and represent intangible and tangible versions of thought. they are like adjacent sides of the shape of art... but you could also stare at one side with your entire gaze and miss another because of its enamoring energy. I believe they are stronger together though.


A: Living in LA, a city in which so many people today are attempting to make something different, what sets your artwork aside from others?


V: hmm.. I like to put my focus in what I can do. Everything and everyone is special in their own rights, we all have gone through different but the same earthly/human issues and inspirations in a sense, the deeper you go in you the more specific your articulation outwards becomes through the veil of pouring knowledge..from my experiences... so I just focus on what I like while trying to be the best me and I think that’s enough, hopefully


A: Why do you make what you do, and where do your ideas come from? Do ideas come to you naturally, or are they things that come from focused design?


V: I think I have to. 


they pass through me, Im hooked up to the creative cloud past the sky and it just transfers to me, I can’t help it 


A: Do you see your artistic direction morphing over time, or do you expect to keep the same mindset you have now?


V: I think I’ll learn more and mature, I’ll change out something’s for others and all together figure out the best structure for everyone's stability and security amongst everything. 

A: In 20 years, what would be your ideal reality? For yourself, and for the surrounding world.

V: One with love being the main priority- I think it reflects everything. You can love in a trillion different ways and there are still uncovered ways to love. I don’t ultimately know everything so whatever I’ve said today is my utter opinion and how I sleep at night 

A: Thanks a lot Virtue, those are all the questions I have. You can find other pictures of his clothing at @Virtuestruth on Instagram, or on the Shotwamp's own Page. Virtue will be releasing his clothing shortly - stay tuned by following Shotwamp or the artist!

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